Volunteering at JUFC

Volunteering at JUFC

There is more to your club than just your team! To be successful, a club needs a whole team of volunteers carrying out tasks behind the scenes and your committee would like to invite willing members to commit a small amount of time to help grow the club and continue our fantastic success and achievements of the past few years.

There are currently no paid management positions at the club, everyone is a volunteer.

There are many things that you could assist with including

  • Special events organiser
  • Newsletter writer
  • Fundraising
  • Raffle co-ordinator
  • Equipment officer
  • Canteen helper
  • Match reports for the newspaper

And the list goes on.

If you are willing to give up a small amount of time to assist your club, don’t hesitate to contact the committee and we will be more than happy to find something that will fit with your schedule.

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